Relevant Planning Efforts

Beginning in 2014, the City and consultant team guided the community engagement. The process consisted of extensive public outreach and participation, including events such as boards and commission summit, Downtown Forums, Pop-Up Workshops, on-line surveys on the citywide survey page, engagement website, as well as press releases in area newspapers. The outreach effort encouraged participation by the broader community, supplementing other publicity sources such a regular citywide newsletter and email updates. Overall, the engagement effort provided multiple avenues for community input. The process culminated in the publication of an Assets and Opportunities Report (see link below), with a summary of reoccurring themes. Also below are links to the summaries, images and videos from events during the Downtown Engagement process. 

Related planning efforts that will help inform the Downtown Plan update process include recently completed plans and studies linked below (e.g., Sustainable Streets Plan, Central Park Master Plan, Downtown Parking Management Plan).  



Assets and Opportunities Report
January 25, 2016

Central Park Master Plan
April 26, 2016

Parking Update_061915.jpg

Downtown Parking Management Plan
June 9, 2016

Sustainable Streets Plan
February 2015

Bicycle Master Plan
October 17, 2011

Pedestrian Master Plan
April 16, 2012


Previous Downtown Engagement Events

The following videos include a highlight of the outreach events and interviews of visitors downtown, that were taken during the previous 2015 Downtown Engagement process.